Do the right thing with music.

“I started Artists Without Labels because I noticed many Indie artists, including myself, were not very business literate and didn’t really have access to high quality recording and production due to time and financial constraints. I wanted to help them find a way to get these important knowledge assets that make or break success along with having a brand and marketing plan when releasing music that I’ve learned along the way, so that instead of waiting to be discovered artists discover themselves and define their musical tribes or audience as part of the process.

I enjoy connecting music artists with the vast network of professional musicians, producers and recording engineers in the different art & music scenes I’ve traveled in over several decades. Seeing the high quality and positive outcomes of these collaborations is very fulfilling for me. Indie artists all have a 360 degree record deal with themselves and we now have the tools develop tangible, successful music careers once we tap into available technology.” -Thomas Hutchings, Founder/Creative Director, Artists W/O Labels

If you’re tired of labels telling you they don’t know where your music fits or you don’t even know yourself. You’re in the right place to figure it out!

Our Mission is create and nurture a space where passionate, independent musicians can learn, create, collaborate and distribute high quality recordings of well produced, licensable digital music. We strive to find the sonic gold in great songs and share them with the world.

We’re building a supportive local artist community to nurture collaboration because there’s power in numbers. Offering cost efficient music production services and other resources to create value and quality around the artist’s vision. Find your vision and your tribe to create meaningful recording and performing connections with other artists to build your fan base together with a community of trusted resources that we’ve worked with successfully, so you can focus on creating and developing yourself.

Socially Conscious
Eclectic, Genre-less, & Supportive
Reliable Resource Community
Artistic & Visionary
Independent & Self-Reliant

Removing traditional recording/production/release barriers of entry for independent artists by educating about remote recording from home, so they can collaborate remotely. We have trusted, experienced musicians & engineers for available to help develop your musical vision. We also help developing artists find business tools, musicians & studio time resources for recording sessions to create high quality recordings and capture compelling performances of great songs for commercial distribution. Get help finding and focusing your vision and applying the business tools needed to do get your career moving forward!

“We have been incredibly privileged to work with Thomas, who is a world class musician, saxophonist and producer. His contributions to our projects have significantly improved our productions. He is easy to work with and a heck of a nice guy. Hire him, you won’t regret it.” – Erik Blicker –

Flavorlab: An award-winning audio production company that composes, records, mixes and masters music and sound for the biggest brands in the world.

Mighty Toad Recording Studio: Located in The South Slope area of Brooklyn, New York, we are just minutes from Manhattan.

Mono Lisa Studios: Opened in January 2013 by recording engineer, Denise Barbarita, MONOLisa is a the perfect environment for your needs, from basic tracks to final mixdown.

Defy Recordings: Robert L. Smith is an Oscar and Grammy winning, Emmy nominated Producer/Engineer/Mixer based in New York City.

TurtleTone Studios: Award Winning Mastering Studio with Numerous Platinum, Gold, and Grammy nominated records.

Music Production, Publishing & Distribution
We’ll produce Record/Mix/Edit your song, then show you how to Register the song as writer, so we can split the recording copyright 50/50. You own your song copyrights. You also get your own sub-label/imprint (Brand) under the “Artists w/o Labels” brand where you can release your music and videos.

Production Costs are mostly based on budget and production needs.
All musicians we use sign Work For Hire agreements and rates vary between $100-$200 per session to record remote, drums/percussion, bass, guitar, keys.

Mixing and editing audio songs (includes tuning vocals & editing rhythm parts where it applies if requested)
Pricing Per single song production or remixes (Existing arrangements)
up to 8 tracks: $100 per day (8 hour day)
up to 16 tracks: $200 per day (2-8 hour days)
up to 24 tracks: $300 per day (3-8 hour days)

LARGE PRODUCTION PROJECTS (Please provide scope of work.)
Multi-song Projects with more than 25 tracks or more are negotiable.
If we cant help we know someone that can and will send referrals to our business partners that can.

Phone: 323.657.7617

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