Thomas Hutchings is a Popular New York City saxophonist/producer; He’s consistently crossed thresholds of greatness. His music’s been on TV (Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bad Girls Club, and Real World: Las Vegas). He works with, for, and around straight-up, legit stars and stars in the making (Gavin Degraw, Stacie Rose, Laurance Rassin, Good Morning, America’s Ron Claiborne, Don Imus, SaRon Crenshaw, The Niagaras, Shane Patrick, Markeisha Ensley & Grammy nominated Linda Chorney.

“Words barely represent the complete effect of listening to the world and experiencing life around me in my experiences day to day. Music called to me when I was 11. I grabbed on and never let go. From the first moment I ever held a saxophone, I knew that music would be a part of me for the rest of my life. This website is an extension of my musical experiences. If you hear any music that you like, please feel free to support my creativity.”

-Thomas Hutchings


Upcoming Releases:

C.C. White (CNP Horns)

Elizabeth Hunter (CNP Horns)

Recent Releases:

1/7/2014-Fabbo Boffo Smasho!-The Halley DeVestern Band (CNP Horns)

1/14/2014-Travel well-David Newman (CNP Horns)

News & Press

I’m currently working on multiple remix, production & recording session projects as they come along as for songwriters or current collaborations with my horn section the CNP Horns. Get in touch if you’d like a remix or horns on anything.

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