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We wrote & arranged some really beautiful & fun music to listen to going for a very high level of production quality. It’s a very raw, rich, full sounding jazzy & funky album. ‘IntroSpective’ was recorded in Boise, ID, then mixed by Frank Wolf & mastered at Turtle Tone Studios in New York City.

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My goal is to assist songwriters and recording artists of any genre that otherwise might not have access to the beauty of great music production assets like live horns or horn solos at their disposal to add additional live and electronic instruments to digitally based music recordings. If you are looking for  interesting and unique music or horn arrangements for your next album, film or video, I can provide it.

I have a unique sound and creative input for any project I’m a part of. My goal is to find unique one of a kind multimedia projects where I can use my skills and knowledge to collaborate and create interesting new music, film, and television media; commercial or experimental.

I have played saxophone for many years with many diverse music groups and I’m good at creating interesting horn lines and solos that fit a song or genre with full collaboration to your song, website, video or life in general. (See Discography)

You can upload via my Hightail account song, image, video or idea and I will collaborate with you to create a horn line or solo to fit the piece of work you have provided and will email you the solo track for your acceptance & approval. I’ll only take work if I’m sure I can add something worthwhile.

I can also create exciting and interesting music arrangements from existing vocals and/or accompaniment parts with any amount of collaboration.

Recent song productions on television!
Music Thomas produced for Stacie Rose’s Alter-Ego Ep’s were featured on CHANNEL ONE, E!’s Keeping up with the Kardashians,
MTV’s Real World: Las Vegas and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.
More Specifically:
Waiting to Fly (Allergic to Gravity Mix) was heard on Keeping up with the Kardashians
Alter-Ego (DJ Reverend Soul Mix) was on Channel One
Standby (Caffeinated Procrastination Mix) was featured on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas



"IntroSpective" Album by Camden Hughes and Thomas Hutchings
  • Ode Skoo from the Allergic to Gravity albumOde Skoo from the Allergic to Gravity album
  • Thomas Hutchings & AnomalyThomas Hutchings & Anomaly
  • National Television Clips with The NiagarasNational Television Clips with The Niagaras
  • IntroSpective Jazz Album Sampler"IntroSpective" Jazz Album Sampler




Thomas Hutchings is a popular New York City saxophonist/producer; He’s consistently crossed thresholds of greatness. With a wide range of musical influences from Bunky Green & Grover Washington, Jr. to The Beastie Boys & Basement Jaxx, his music productions & arrangements have appeared in episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians,  Bad Girls Club, and Real World: Las Vegas. As a regular fixture in New York’s creative independent music & art scenes since 1995, Thomas has appeared in film & television & has performed & recorded for audiences big & small all over the world since starting his professional music career 1991.

Thomas works with, for, and around straight-up, legit stars and stars in the making (recording artist Gavin Degraw, artist Laurance Rassin, East Coast Blues Artist SaRon Crenshaw, Comedic art-rock band The Niagaras, NY Funk band Milo Z, Jazzy-pop dance artist Petite Meller, ) & 2011 was saxophonist on the Grammy nominated album “Emotional Jukebox” with his horn section The CNP Horns. Thomas studied saxophone in New York City with Ira Jackson, Tim Price & Bob Mover and is a current member of Performing Rights Organization, SESAC & voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.


Become a part of the worldwide release of IntroSpective today by helping us fund CD duplication, album artwork & marketing! A portion of the proceeds from ‘IntroSpective’ will go to the Cancer Research Institute!

​Executive Producers​:​ Thomas Hutchings & Camden Hughes

​Co-producer & mix engineer: Frank Wolf

​​Recorded by: Patrick Storey at Audio Lab, Boise, ID
​​Mastered by: Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios NYC

Thomas Hutchings-Tenor & Soprano sax
Camden Hughes-Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes
Dylan Sundstrom-Upright & Electric Bass
David Gluck-Drums
Micah Stevens-Guitar​​​
Featuring the vocal stylings ​of​ Emily Braden​ on Cat Time Blues

Upcoming 2015 Releases: 8/8/15 IntroSpective – Thomas Hutchings & Camden Hughes – Independent

News & Press:

I’m currently working on multiple remix, production & recording projects as they come along for songwriters or current collaborations with my horn section the CNP Horns. Get in touch if you’d like a remix or a horn section for your song.


Past Interviews:

Video launch with Sonic Scoop
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Interview with Jazz Examiner
Interview with Riff Raff Magazine



As Solo Artist

  • Allergic To GravityAllergic To Gravity2008 - TEHJR Records

Bands and Collaborations

As Saxophonist

As Producer

  • Alter-Ego EPAlter-Ego EPStacie Rose2010 - Enchanted Records
  • Allergic to GravityAllergic to GravityThomas Hutchings2008 - TEHJR Records
  • A Lifetime of R&B Volume 1A Lifetime of R&B Volume 1-Carlton J. Smith1999 - Independent



  • Rico Jazz Select Reeds 2 hard & 3 Soft filed or Vandoren V16 2-1/2
  • Mouthpiece: Otto Link Millenium
  • Selmer USA TS100 Tenor
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor
  • Soprano Sax: Dr. Paul Shelden Diplomat
  • Flute: Gemeinhardt
  • Clarinet: Selmer

  • Akai 4000s Electronic Wind Instrument with Yamaha VL70m sound module
  • Dynaudio BM5a monitors
  • Audio Engine2 Desktop speakers
  • Tascam VLm3 Monitors for A/B’ing mixes
  • Rain Computing Solstice optimized Digital Audio Workstation
  • M-AUDIO Delta 1010LT – 10-In/10-Out PCI Virtual Studio interface
  • Sony Acid Pro 7
  • AKAI MPC2000
  • Sony MBR-XB500 & AKG K240 Headphones

    • Shure beta 98h with Shure wireless setup (live performance)
    • Audio Technica AT4033a (recording)


    • Mike Manning at Manning Woodwinds – HE & HIS REPAIR CREW ROCK!