Thomas Hutchings is a professional saxophonist, music producer and teaching artist living in New York City. Before starting Artists Without Labels, he worked in the technology industry for 16 years at a technology startup, collaborating on development of everything from logistics and business processes to inventory, database software design & CRM tools. While balancing a music & technology career, Thomas noticed that many of common business concepts like SWOT analysis and modern business & marketing tools like data analysis & QR codes could be applied to the music industry in a positive, useful way to help independent artists better structure & organize their music business.  

Thomas studied saxophone at Boise State University then moved to New York and studied saxophone privately with Bob Mover, Bob Franceschini, and Ira Jackson. Thomas also teaches saxophone at the Bob Mover’s Lower Manhattan Music Studio . As a professional saxophonist, he has performed and recorded with many incredible local and international artists across many genres like, rock, blues, EDM, jazz and funk in many different venues giving him a global sense for combining sounds and rhythm. For over two decades, “Anomaly,” the performing group he leads, has been regularly performing with a cast of world-class musicians at music clubs and events in the New York and tri-state area.
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He’s also constantly writing, producing and recording music with many talented artists. Thomas is an active ASCAP Member (Performing Rights Organization) & Voting Member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (AKA The Grammys). If you’d like to hear Thomas’s music collabs click here.