I am Thomas Hutchings, a saxophonist, music producer, and educator based in the vibrant heart of New York City. My musical journey is driven by a profound passion for creativity and technology, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical influences. Guided by the pillars of gratitude, community, creativity, and technology, I craft my artistic expression.

Gratitude forms the bedrock of my interactions with the artistic community, fans, and fellow musicians. Embracing the power of connection and collaboration, I strive to create a sense of belonging that transcends borders and unites us through the universal language of music.

Creativity courses through every fiber of my being, and I am dedicated to nurturing this creative spirit not only within myself but also in others. Through my music, production, and teaching, I seek to inspire and cultivate the artistic potential that lies within each individual. Technology serves as a powerful tool in pushing the boundaries of the music industry, and I wholeheartedly embrace cutting-edge tools and techniques to create and share my work.

My mission is unequivocal – to inspire and educate the music community through my artistry and mentorship. With a resolute focus on making a lasting, positive impact on the world through music, I aim to touch hearts with soulful performances and guide aspiring musicians along their transformative creative journeys. My unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and community building propels me forward.

My journey weaves together a symphony of diverse experiences, bridging the realms of music and technology. With a background of 16 years in the technology startup world, I draw wisdom from business concepts to empower independent artists, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the industry with clarity.

As a saxophonist, my passion for music led me to refine my craft at Boise State University and study under acclaimed mentors such as Bob Mover, Bob Franceschini, and Ira Jackson in the vibrant cultural melting pot of New York City. My genre-defying performances have taken me on a journey across the globe, collaborating with renowned artists in rock, blues, EDM, jazz, funk, and beyond.

Notable achievements adorn my path, as my music productions have found their way into popular TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Bad Girls, and Real World: Las Vegas. Embracing artistic freedom, I release music through my label, “Artists Without Labels,” allowing my creativity to flourish unrestricted.
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An active ASCAP member and a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammys), I actively contribute to shaping the landscape of the music industry. My exceptional talent earned me a Best Americana Album Grammy nomination for Linda Chorney’s Emotional Jukebox recording, a testament to my dedication to producing music of the highest caliber.

Together with my ensemble “Anomaly,” and other collaborations I have graced esteemed stages such as Carnegie Hall, Mercury Lounge, BB Kings, The Bitter End, House of Blues, and many more. Our dynamic soundscapes traverse the spectrum, captivating audiences worldwide, from intimate venues to grand events.
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In conclusion, I stand as a testament to the profound impact of talent, innovation, and the transformative power of music. As I continue to inspire and educate the music community through my artistry, production, and teaching, I aim to foster gratitude, connection, and collaboration with each resonant note. My unwavering commitment to making the world a better place through music remains the compass that guides my awe-inspiring journey.