Learn to Play the Saxophone!

Get started on the saxophone or take your skills to the next level with our personalized lessons for adults and children. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your technique, I have something to help you.

Lessons for beginners:

  • The basics of assembling and maintaining your saxophone
    (Click here to put your sax together)
  • Techniques for producing a clean and open tone
  • Essential breathing techniques
  • Major and minor scales, arpeggios, and beginning music theory
  • Tips for reading basic music and rhythm
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    For those looking to improve their technique, I offer effective technical exercises and guidance on developing a consistent practice routine to help you make the most of your musical journey.
Teaching a Saxophone Class at public school.

Improve your saxophone skills with advanced lessons specifically designed for advanced saxophonists:
Lessons cover a range of topics, including:

  • Techniques for improving tone and intonation, such as long tones and overtone exercises
  • Advanced techniques like double-tonguing, altissimo, and multi-phonics
  • Tips for creating a practical and efficient practice routine
  • Techniques for circular breathing
  • Strategies for improvising over chord harmony, starting with basic ii-V7-I progressions

Ready to get started? Contact us to schedule your first lesson and start your journey towards musical greatness!
1 hour in-person $100 (5 lessons for $400 Subscribe & Save!)
30 mins in-person $60 (5 lessons for $240)
1 hour virtual (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Jitsi) $80 (5 lessons for $320)
30 mins virtual (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Jitsi) $50 (5 lessons for $200)
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 “I first met Thomas several years ago when I was an on-air reporter with Good Morning America weekend edition. I had only a few weeks to learn enough sax to perform for a GMA segment. He was a miracle worker! After I retired in 2018, I decided to resume sax lessons, but this time at a civilized pace. I called Thomas and we got going. He’s a patient, enthusiastic teacher whose joy and love of music are infectious. He makes learning the saxophone intriguing, fascinating and fun. Under his guidance and support, I made rapid progress but, even more, Thomas opened my mind to hearing music, all music, with new, deeper understanding and appreciation. He’s a wonderful teacher.”
Ron Claiborne, retired American journalist and correspondent for ABC News

“​I started playing the saxophone as a hobby. I’ve always had a special love for every song that has a saxophone played in it and I ultimately knew that I wanted to learn how to play. I was able to connect with Thomas Hutchings and I have been taking lessons with him for about a year now. I am so grateful to have found a teacher as patient, friendly, and down to earth as Thomas. He has made everything about learning how to play enjoyable by tailoring chords, notes and arpeggios to beats that I like. He is an awesome teacher and I would recommend Thomas to anyone no matter their skill level.​”​ -Quincy (Beginner Student)