THE ALTER-EGO EP’S are the most exciting and collaborative body of songs released by acclaimed singer/songwriter STACIE ROSE. The EP’s feature two sultry sides of Stacie, you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting. Alter-Ego EP: Means to an End, produced by Jeff Allen, has a live, late 70’s /early 80’s rock vibe, influenced by Rose’s classic rock heroes. Alter-Ego EP: Raw Sugar, produced by long-time collaborator Robert L. Smith, is a hypnotic, dance/electro/pop affair, sure to get your hips moving, and features various other producers and NYC musicians. The double EP features, Jack Petruzelli, James Mastro, Jeff Lipstein, Jeff Allen, David Patterson, Steve Conte (New York Dolls) and Garrison Hawk, and killer production by Aaron Steinberg, Thomas Hutchings, Quixotic and David Barratt..The songs were written mostly in Jersey, and arranged at various studios in NYC including Defy Recordings and Bass on Balls in the Bronx. The electronic/dance tracks came together in various studios in Queens, Brooklyn and Los Angeles.The Rock tracks were recorded and mixed at Mission Sound in Brooklyn NY.